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ICT Europe Holding Ltd is not simply a business: our company is a Hungarian-owned administrative service group in which we have created a portfolio of high quality services in related areas, such as tax consultancy, accounting, auditing, legal services and IT system operation consultancy. 


Our human resources and professional background are underpinned by the best professionals who share our principles in full.


The quality assurance guidelines of our service cover our strict HR selection procedures; we seek to find the best qualified colleagues with the interests of our clients in mind. Our clients can increase their competitiveness through a partnership with our company that is able to give immediate advice on everyday work in related areas at the same time, taking various aspects of a problem into account, such as considering the legal, IT or even tendering aspects of an accounting issue. Our services are available countrywide – we work both on international and domestic projects. Integrated task management saves time and money for our clients, while also reducing risks, this simplifies the administrative tasks not directly linked to but necessary for the core activities.

Our corporate management and the supporting tailor-made IT background, our success in increasing work productivity, our technical solutions, our sales and constantly operating measurement and analysis systems are the building blocks of our state-of-the-art, reliable corporate structure that meets the future challenges and gives priority to client feedback. Our fundamental principle and priority is customer driven service. We aim to become reliable strategic partners for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as multinational companies.

György Lovász




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György Lovász is a founding member of our Company, and is in charge of overall management. He is an alumnus of the College for Modern Business Studies where he specialised in foreign trade economics. Before launching this Hungary-based business he spent nearly four years abroad – in the United States and in France – where he acquired excellent English and French language skills. He structured the Company based on his experience abroad, and on longer term his experience led to the establishment of a now nearly ten-year-old group of businesses.

Not quite ten years ago he and his partner founded the consultancy company, ICT Europe Tenderház Ltd, which focuses on offering advisory services to businesses wanting to bid for competitive grants or contracts, and on writing those bids. Since then it has become one of the country’s most significant players on the bid preparation market. The amount of grant money it has helped our Clients secure is in excess of HUF 25 billion (over USD 88 million).

As CEO, Mr. Lovász is responsible for the continuous development and expansion of the Group. Over the past few years, new companies have been established in diverse albeit related fields and are jointly able to provide complex corporate management services to our Clients. The members of the ICT Europe Group are: ICT Europe Network Ltd. - systems development, ICT Europe Finance Ltd. – accounting and tax consultancy, and to enhance these services, our newest ICT Group member is ICT Europe Audit Ltd, an auditing firm.






Mr. Csomós has headed Financial Affairs for the Köves Clifford Chance International Law Firm, where he was in charge of the company’s finance department. Köves Clifford Chance is a well-known and globally recognized legal representative of several major multinationals. Before that he had worked for HOPI Hungária Ltd, a leading European logistics company. Here he was responsible for launching the SAP Finance module, and as Chief Accountant and earlier as Structural Manager, he managed the structuring of the Finance Department. He also spent several years working for DELOITTE, one of the "Big Four" professional services firms, as Senior Auditor. He holds a degree in economics from the Budapest Business School’s faculty of Finance and Accountancy. He is a registered tax consultant and is thoroughly familiar with the operation and use of SAP software. He speaks excellent English. He is member of the Association of Tax Advisors, and founding member of the Consumer Enforcement Organisation.



Specialised Manager, Finance


The Finance Manager of our Company holds a degree in economics from Károly Róbert College, where he majored in financial and business administration. Subsequently he acquired additional qualifications as a certified accountant and tax advisor. He has more than a decade of experience in accounting and tax consultations, several of those years as a manager. In liaising with clients, he acquired an excellent command of professional English, so the managers of foreign companies can trust us to fully understand their specialised issues. Mr. Szabó specialises in VAT issues and real estate taxes as well as cash-flow planning and exchange rate hedging, in which fields he routinely provides case-by-case advice to our Clients. In addition, he provides professional support to our Section Managers when they offer tax advice to Clients, calculate taxes and prepare tax returns, and when they review financial reports and give tax optimisation advice. On numerous occasions he has successfully represented our Clients before the appeals level tax authorities and in court.



Specialised Manager, Networks  


Mr. Máté is ICT Europe Network Ltd’s technical director, IT programmer, and systems analyst. After graduating as an economic IT specialist, he received a second degree as an IT engineer. He is a certified HP, Microsoft and Cisco specialist and holds an ISO 27001 information security auditor qualification. He worked for years at GE Hungary’s subsidiaries. He spent nearly ten years as technical manager of a business supplying IT solutions to SMEs. As our Company’s specialised manager he is responsible for the high level and reliable operation of our Infrastructure, Outsourcing and Development businesses. His responsibilities include the professional management and guidance of these businesses and of the engineers and developers working there, liaising with key account-holders, and managing our IT security projects.



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Director of Legal Affairs


The Company's legal director graduated from Eötvös Loránd University's Law School and then obtained a postgraduate degree in banking law. He is also a graduate of the Public Administration Law Faculty of the Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration. As an expert in economics, finances and law, he has owned and operated a law firm since 2009. He has been Legal Director of ICT Europe Tenderház Ltd since 2005, where he supervises bids from the legal point of view, provides expert advice and complex project management counselling. He also serves as legal representative of the Group, and of its Clients when requested to do so. Language skills: English, German.

Account Management Team 


Csősz András

Kiss Beáta

Bugya Roland

Szabó András

Vasas Gábor

Kovács Zoltán
1 Palatinus Dorina
Palatinus Dorina

       Hatvani Bernadett

Specialised Finance Team


Papp Tímea

Tóth Balázs
1 László Andrea
László Andrea 

Zsigmond Zsuzsa

Szöllősy Jenő

Piros Adrienn

Szabóné Barta Melinda

Madarász Zsuzsa

Borsos Bernadett

Galbács Felicia

Halász Anita

Vas Renáta

Mendöl Tamás 

Schöffer Szilvia

Vég Edina 

Simon Ildikó 

Romsics Dóra

Márton Alexandra

Regedei Fruzsina

Hajagos Anita

Ábrahám Zsuzsa

Gácsiné Nyikes Éva

Bőti Erika 

Kajor Szilvia 

Gyeszli Borbála 

Halács Eszter

Laboda Hajnalka

Dávid Krisztina 

Zellei Alexandra
Nagy Alexandra

Hokné Lukács Bernadett

Szász Ildikó

Balogh Annamária
Balázs Adrienn

Pruzsinszki Dávid 

Gregor Bernadett 

Humenyik Gergely

Paróczai Rebeka

Bíró Lilla

 Network staff


1 Simon Tamás
Simon Tamás

1 Helembai Mihály
Helembai Mihály

1 Sötét Dániel
Sötét Dániel
1 Horváth Csaba
Horváth Csaba
 1 Gál Tamás
Gál Tamás

1 Bujtás-Halmai Zsuzsa
Bujtás-Halmai Zsuzsa

IMG 6967
Lovász-Sinka Gréta



 Tenderház staff


kiraly monika
Király Mónika

csizmeg dori
Csizmeg Dorottya

IMG 6982
Szabó Viktória

1 Hermann Péter
Hermann Péter

2 Kis-Tóth Zsófia
Kis-Tóth Zsófia

spendel m web
Spendel Mónika

MatosErika ujkep
Matos Erika
h i gy web
Horváth Imréné
GasparLaci ujkep
Gáspár László
Our offices are at the corner of Fehérvári street and Prielle Kornélia Street (Dexagon Office Block, 3rd floor).
Parking for our Clients is complimentary in the surface customer parking lot accessible from Prielle Kornélia Street!



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