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In the current Hungarian market, our group, ICT Europe, is the only one to offer services in both Hungary and the United States. Our office in Connecticut is closely related to the Hungarian group, which is under the direct management of György Lovász.

Our US operations are aimed at facilitating exports from Hungary and the European Union to the United States - be it services, manufacturing or trade - , as well as imports from the United States to the European Union.
Our most important role, however, is to provide dependable partner assistance in a new and unfamiliar market.

Market entry services

The immense consumer power of the US market can be very attractive to a number of successful Hungarian businesses looking for new market opportunities.
In order to enter the US market, it is essential to know the market conditions, tax and legal aspects, customs and financial regulations. Our objective is to help companies through the initial difficulties by offering a kind of incubation service.

We can assist your company with the followings:
- market research, advice on start-ups
- company formation, legal issues, establishment of a business
- drafting contracts (work contracts, service contracts, etc.)
- HR services, interviewing
- visa advice and administration
- Interim management services for the transition period after start-up
- Full financial services, accounting, tax advice (in particular to avoid double taxation)
- Full legal representation in disputes
- Customs services

Visa administration

A fundamental need if one's company expands overseas is to have the ability to delegate ownership, middle and senior management and employees to the United States.
A wide range of employee visas and other options are available to businesses in Hungary. Of course, as with any bureaucratic process, the procedures are not quick, but our job is to help our partners select the most suitable visa, prepare and submit the appropriate documentation quickly and completely.

Tax advice

The US tax system is as complex as that of the European Union, with taxation not only at a Federal level but also at State and Local levels; it is therefore essential that a start-up business is prepared for the new market and operates within the most optimal tax environment.
A team of highly qualified professionals and our extensive network of contacts help our partners find and exploit the best solutions.

Legal advice

From the selection of the right company forms to the drafting of company agreements, we ensure a full range of services for our clients. The revision of operational contracts, the drafting of employment contracts, legal representation in disputes are all areas on which we place particular emphasis. Our partners have the possibility to request not only ad hoc, but also a permanent monthly availability, which allows us to provide an even faster response time.

HR services

Finding new, reliable colleagues is not easy, not even in Hungary, and in a new country, with a language that is not your own, with over thousands of kilometers in distance, it can seem downright impossible. We can help you with decades of experience and with transitional interim management services.
Our services include the fine matching of expectations, advertising, interviewing, recruiting and training. In the mid to long term, we can provide full HR oversight of new hires, ensuring the business runs smoothly and minimises the losses.


We provide the same high quality services in the US that you are used to in Hungary. Full accounting services are provided, with professional accountability for every detail.

Remote representation

In our outsourced representation service, we give our clients the opportunity to establish their first steps within the protective network of the group. In this case, all the administrative, sales and human resources required to get you started are provided by our company. This type of cooperation requires the closest of collaboration, but it also provides our clients with the utmost attention.


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