Privacy policy (GDPR)

  Privacy policy (GDPR)
The purpose of this Notice is to present in detail our Company’s data protection and processing policy and compliance with the GDPR Regulation.

The enterprises listed online at are in close cooperation with each other. The website is operated by ICT Európa Finance Zrt. The privacy notices of cooperating and associated enterprises are also published on the website.  Each company listed on the website is a separate and independent legal entity.This notice is issued by

ICT Európa Finance Zrt.
  • registered office: 1117 Budapest, Fehérvári út 50-52.
  • company registration number: 01 10 140439
  • tax number: 27035878-2-43
  • website (and the website of the relevant and applicable actual processing):
  • phone number: (+36) 1 33 44 279 / fax: +36 1 29 90 474
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • individual signatories: György Lovász chief executive officer, István Csomós chief operating officer (hereinafter referred to as: Company, Controller)

  1. General contract terms and conditions of the Agreement for Data Processing - download

  1. GDPR measures applied by our Company
  • The controlling and processing activities of our Company are regulated in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR (REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, hereinafter referred to as: Regulation).
  • We have the following internal policies on data control and processing that are binding for all employees:
    • Data Protection Policy for internal use
    • publicly available Privacy Notice
    • information security requirements
    • procedures on the control of data breach incidents
    • keeping records on processing
  • We organise GDPR preparatory training on how to control and process personal data for all employees.
  • We constantly develop the protection of our IT system to secure the data of our employees and partners as much as possible.
  1. Our company as a controller
Our Company is a Controller of personal data in relation to the employment of its staff and to its services provided to its contracted partners.

  1. Our company as a processor
  • We enter into a data processing agreement with all our Customers as a supplement to the contracts on our services, informing in detail our Partners on the procedures and processes used in the control and processing of personal data as well as on our statutory obligations.
  • Pursuant to the Regulation and other effective legal provisions, we employ sub-processors for the supply of the service only after prior and detailed information to, and the consent of, our Principal. All sub-processors contracted as indicated above are governed by the same regulations and have the same obligations in relation to the processing of personal data as our Company; our Company takes full responsibility for the activities and compliance with the regulations of the sub-processors and regulates that in detail in a separate contract concluded with each sub-processor.
  • During processing, we always proceed in line with our agreement with our Principal; the data supplied by the Principal are not used for our own purposes or for anything other than stated in the law and in the contract. Detailed information is provided pursuant to the Regulation before any data is collected for the supply of the service; we only collect data from the Principal that are required for the purpose of the contract, all data are stored in accordance with the data security regulations and data may only be accessed by the employees who are actively involved in the supply of the service. Data supplied to us are not transferred to any third party.
  • We do not transfer personal data to any third country unless the Principal has approved it in advance.
  • The data supplied by the Principal are stored only as long as required for executing the contract or performing our obligations specified by law. We always erase data by removing them irreversibly from all databases used by us, making sure that they are irrecoverable.
  • We keep records of our processing activities; record the important conditions of processing for each processing objective and hand over our records upon the principal request (in relation to processing performed by the principal).
  1. Data security measures
  • Our company has an information security policy in order to safely store the data processed by us and supplied to us by our contracted Partners. In terms of data security measures, we take all steps that ensure the protection of the personal data stored by us. We take, and regularly develop, the technical and organisational measures with which the data stored and processed by us may be protected against unauthorised access, leakage, loss, disclosure and destruction. Our company has also established internal procedures that are required for the continuous fulfilment of our privacy and confidentiality obligation.
  1. Complaint handling, data breach incident
  • If a data subject submits any complaint or request to our Company in relation to the control and processing of their personal data and exercise of their legitimate rights, the request is investigated immediately and is also reported to the supervisory authority when required (NAIH).
  • We have developed a data breach incident management procedure, the details of which are included in the Company’s Privacy Policy. We keep records of the occurring data breach incidents. Whenever a data breach incident is detected, its details and risks are assessed and all required corrective measures are taken to reduce any bigger problem. We immediately inform our Principal of any incident and we also inform the Supervisory Authority within 72 hours when the degree and potential consequences of the incident require it.
The data subjects may contact our Company with any question, complaint and comment relating to any processing by using one of the following contact details:


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (+36) 1 33 44 279

ICT Európa Finance Zrt.


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