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In the field of auditing services, our recommended Partner is International Consulting Team Audit Kft., with Krisztina Szaller as auditor.

For tenders and European Union grants, the invitation to tender or the grant agreement can require the attachment of an auditor's certificate to the request for final payment. 

The following is a breakdown of the steps we will take in performing the project level audit:

  • We will hold an initial meeting to design the steps of the audit and set deadlines
  • We will review and document your company’s and the project's major business flows
  • We will provide an itemised verification of the project’s supporting documents
  • We will issue a verification of compliance with the accounting requirements set out in the tender specification
  • We will review the project implementation and study the certifying documents
  • We will meet to finalize the audit
  • We will issue the audit report

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