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We ensure that your company's payroll and tax obligations are met efficiently and accurately.

Accurate accounting is the secret to long-term relationships.

"A good payroll service provider provides a stable, efficient and reliable background for both partner and employee, and in addition to constantly presenting changes affecting payroll, can show significant contribution savings year after year! We can support our Partners in this"


Krisztina Németh, payroll team leader


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Why is accurate and precise payroll still important?

Payroll transparency

Accurate payroll allows employees to see how much they are actually earning and whether their earnings are in line with agreements.

Financial stability

Efficient and accurate payroll helps businesses to pay their employees' wages on time, see their contribution obligations on time and be predictable, which can improve the financial stability of the business.


Accurate payroll creates trust between employees and the business, as employees know that the business is meeting its payroll and tax obligations accurately.

Saving time

Accurate payroll helps to save time by avoiding the hassle of finding errors and spending time answering questions arising from errors.


Why choose us?

Experience and expertise

We handle payroll for over 200 clients every day, including the most extreme forms of benefits. We train our colleagues on an ongoing basis and regularly inform our clients of any changes affecting their payroll.


We have a substantial level of liability insurance to provide you with security.

Efficiency, automation

We constantly ensure the application of innovative solutions: we are able to reconcile data with integrated HR systems, export and import data. If you do not have an HR system, we can also provide you with a standalone web presence module, which will allow you to digitise your attendance sheets and make your own operations more transparent.

Dedicated colleagues and continuous availability

In addition to our dedicated and experienced payroll colleagues, we also provide a dedicated payroll team leader. The team leader will monitor the monthly payroll on an ongoing basis and will be available to discuss and make suggestions on strategic payroll issues. Our colleagues are always available for you.

Confidentiality and transparency

We provide you and your employees with an electronic and encrypted monthly payroll. Each month, we send the pay slips to the employee's own e-mail address, which he/she can only access with his/her own confidential code. It can be retrieved at any time, so you can see when, why and how much your employees have been paid.

Individual deadlines

Every company has a different payroll date. We adapt to your request and agree individually when you want the payday, when you want the forecast and payment of contributions and taxes. Of course, we will comply with the TV regulations.

Special payroll reports

We have considerable experience in the preparation of individual, special payroll reports. We are looking forward to your specific report requirements and are ready to implement your ideas.


Language skills

Of course, we are also available in English and German. This should not be an obstacle to smoothly carrying out your daily tasks or answering questions of strategic importance.

Knowledge sharing

Several times a year, we organise free webinars where we go over payroll, accounting or tax issues and pass on useful information to our clients.

Contact us by filling in the form below and you can discuss with our colleagues informally what payroll service you would like. We will support you in realising your ideas. Ask for our individual, tailor-made offer!


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