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Our firm offers the following public procurement consultancy services as a procurement expert with many years of experience and excellent references.

For authorities initiating public procurements:

specific or general consultancy on all public procurement issues

identifying what procurements must be open to public procurement proceedings when procurements are being effected from grant monies

managing full range public procurement procedures, including Electronic Procurement System

drafting announcements calling for bids, offers, and/or applications to participate

preparing procurement documentation

coordinating the various procedural steps (requests for additional information, consultation, management of the negotiations, etc.)

preparing evaluation (evaluation of tenders), evaluation of tenders (requests to participate)

preparing the final decision

we can prepare the critique and evaluation of bids including requests for additional material

posting and sending announcements

representation in legal proceedings

opening of bids, announcement of the results

On the bidders' side::

offer specific or general advice on public procurement issues

we can put bids (applications to participate) together in Electronic Procurement System

we can manage to provide additional material and respond to other requests when the bid is being evaluated

we can help in an appeal process or other request for legal remedy

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About Us

ICT Europa Finance Inc. is not just an enterprise, it is a Hungarian-owned administration service group where we have set up an excellent quality service portfolio in related fields: tax consulting, accounting, auditing, legal services and IT system operation. Our human resources, our expert background is formed by specialists who are at the top of their fields and who fully identify with our principles.